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Dr. Susan is fantastic. She’s very thorough, empathic, and genuine. She’s great at listening to the patients concerns and provides exceptional care in all regards. Hands down one of the best chiropractors in the SPOKANE area.
Alex L.
Love Dr. Barrett so much. She has treated me both before, during and after pregnancy as well as my son. After our little guy was born, she worked with him on his latch issues for tongue, lip and buckle ties. She is not only a skilled and gifted provider, she is a fantastic human being. Her office space is very comfortable and relaxing and I've found her online scheduling to be super helpful for when I'm not up for making a phone call!
Katie G.
Another stellar review for Dr Barrett and her chiropractic expertise and exceptional bedside manner. After my newborn needed a frenectomy, he needed support to relearn how to suck and nurse. Dr Susan was a true life saver for our family. She examined him, gave practical advice, and showed us how to stretch and exercise his mouth so that he can heal quickly. I am so grateful for her and would recommend her to anyone with pregnancy or infant chiropractic needs!!
Kyla S.
Superb practitioner. I've had 50 years of experience with chiropractors, both good and bad. I've been seeing Susan for over 10 years. She is the most responsive, compassionate and adept practitioner I've ever experienced. Her finesse is rare; so many chiropractors attempt to use force rather than finesse. I trust her implicitly and the results speak for themselves. She's the only local doc I'll let touch me.
Larry M.
I have been seeing Dr. Barrett for over 10 years. She is always very professional and has always helped me a lot to maintain my skeletal structure. I am really lucky to have her as my chiropractor.
Naticia B.
Barrett Family Chiropractic does an excellent job of taking care of all of us who are patients of Dr. Susan Barrett- Naccarato. I recommend this office, the employees and the good Dr. Susan , when one needs chiropractic assistance! Elise B
Elise B.
I have taken my baby several times to see Dr. Barret and she is wonderful. I like that she always asks me first if I'm comfortable with her picking my baby up and moving her around. She also shows me how much pressure she uses in the adjustment so I know what it feels like to my baby. She's very respectful and I would recommend her to anyone needing help with their infant's alignment, neurodevelopment, sleep, eating, etc. Hailey D.
Hailey D.